2005 Lowrider Hip Hop Show | Hawaii Raceway Park

The Lowrider Hip Hop Show brought to you by Independence Car Club and it's many sponsors was held on Sunday, May 29th, 2005 over at the Hawaii Raceway Park. Opening up it's doors to the public at 10 a.m. till late into the afternoon, the Lowrider Hip Hop Show always had something happening throughout the day to keep it's spectators and participants alike grinning from cheek to cheek. Live D.J.s from Hot 93.9 and Star 101.9 including DJ Mix Master B and K-Smooth on the 1's and 2's provided the music throughout the entire day, with a wide range of activities one could check out including a hopping contest, a king of the street contest, a burnout contest, a sound off, and a whole lot more. Speaking of the hopping contest, Supremacy Hawaii's "One Hit Wonder" G-body took 1st place in the air bag category doing a best of 35 inches while Chaz from Outsiders Car Club took 1st place in the hydraulic category doing a best of 32 inches. The King of the Streets contest involved four different cars from different clubs all in the pit area going buck wild with Defiance Car Club taking home the trophy and the bragging rights. Other activities included dance performances, breakdancing, as well as free giveaways throughout the day. If those activities didn't satisfy your sweet tooth, one could take it down the quarter mile the entire day and see how fast your ride would clock. It's amazing how those racing enthusiasts would circle the track numerous times in order to fill their need for speed down the 1320. As for the Show & Shine, Cesar of Supremacy Hawaii took 1st in the Lowrider Class with his 59' Impala. Congrats! Best of Show, and 1st in the Hot Rod Class went to Mark "Gonzo" Gonzales and his 55' Bel-Air. Double congrats! Scion Evolution (Hawaii Chapter) sweeped the Import Category taking home the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies. Triple congrats! Clubs in attendance included Scion Evolution (Hawaii Chapter), Defiance C.C., Outsiders C.C., Independence C.C., Elite C.C., Timeless Classics C.C., Childhood Dreams C.C., Lowriders Pride C.C., Mischief C.C., Disciples C.C., Supremacy Hawaii, Hawaii Independent Cruisers, Spellbound C.C., Majestics C.C. (Hawaii chapter), Bow Tie Boyz, FU Motorsports, TMI, and a whole lot more including a lot of solo riders who could more than hold it down on their own. With that said, found below are a few photos of the event. Enjoy!