Undivided C.C. 1st Annual School Supply Drive | 9.15.12

The Undivided C.C. 1st Annual School Supply Drive held on Saturday, September 15th, 2012 @ Keehi Lagoon Park bringing together Hawaii's lowriding & truckin' communities for some fun under the hot hawaiian sun. Clubs in attendance included none other than Undivided C.C., Lowriders Pride C.C., Imaginations C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Timeless Classics C.C., Childhood Dreams C.C., Old Image B.C., Supremacy C.C., Good Times C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Outsiders C.C., as well as solo riders who could more than hold it down on their own. Activities for the day included a "Lowest Limbo" contest and an Exhibition Hop with Junior from Tru Rydaz C.C. Hawaii Chapter hitting back bumper to the crowds approval. Found below are a few thumbnails from the event as well as a link to it's entire image gallery. Video clip compilation from the event found above. Enjoy!