2013 VW Club of Hawaii Shaka Show & Shine and Hawaii Food Bank Drive

The 12th Annual VW Club Of Hawaii Shaka Show & Shine and Hawaii Food Bank Drive held on Sunday, September 1st, 2013 during Labor Day's weekend @ the Ala Moana Key Hole. An annually held event, the VW Club Of Hawaii brought together Hawaii's best air cooled & water cooled VW's for some fun under the hot hawaiian sun and a great day at the beach. Clubs in attendance included none other than the VW Club Of Hawaii, Vintage VW Club Of Hawaii, 706 Ewa Beach VW Club, Westside Ka'a Hui Braddahood, Team Foreign Objects, as well as solo riders who could more than hold it down on their own. With the help of the VW enthusiasts and the public, the VW Club Of Hawaii collected a total of 312 pounds worth of canned goods & nonperishable items and $1,255 in monetary funds which has been donated to the Hawaii Food Bank. For more information regarding the VW Club Of Hawaii, be sure to check out their offical website over @ www.vwclubofhawaii.com!

Congratulations to all those who placed within the 12th Annual VW Club Of Hawaii Shaka Show & Shine! Results found below:

Best Of Show:
Richard Carvalho

Oval/Split Vintage:
1st place Richard Carvalho
2nd place Sean Viernes
3rd place Richie Paracuelles

Convertible Vintage:
1st Richard Jones

Convertible Custom:
1st place Teddy Vallesteros
2nd place Danny Nakanelua
3rd place Alvin Cadelinia

2-Dr Sedan Vintage:
1st place Lynzie Apostol

2-Dr Sedan Custom:
1st place Henry Ader
2nd place Ben Valenua
3rd place Kyle Kodama

Karmann Ghia:
1st place Steve Jury
2nd place Van Yoshikawa
3rd place Shane Ader

Bus Vintage:
1st place Miguel Colon
2nd place Richard & Francine Neitzel

Bus Custom:
1st place Anthony Fajota
2nd place Rick Hare
3rd place Aaron Nichols

Single/Double Cab Bus:
1st place Derwin Yamaguchi
2nd place Merbin Carattini
3rd place Leo & Brenda Bringas

Dune Buggy:
1st place Mike Daquiog
2nd place Richard Yasuda
3rd place Glenn Soriano

1st place Payton Apostol
2nd place Josiah Kekoa
3rd place Mark Vasquez

1st place Leo & Brenda Bringas
2nd place Roger Moore
3rd place Jimmy Neves

Street & Strip:
1st place Scott Souza
2nd place Kenny Whitehead
3rd place Edge Yuen

Water Cooled:
1st place Daniel Soulliard
2nd place Michael Grimes
3rd place Jesse Mohrlant

Rat Rod:
1st place Ronny Bosque
2nd place Robert Turgeon