2014 Arts In Motion II Oahu Super Show | 8.16.14


The 2014 Arts In Motion 2 Oahu Super Show held on Saturday, August 16th, 2014 @ Aloha Stadium from noon till 10 p.m. bringing together Oahu's automotive community for some fun under the hot hawaiian sun

Clubs in attendance included Supremacy C.C. & M.C., Team Foreign Objects, Majestics C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Good Times C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Street Illustrated, Outsiders C.C., Grounded Lowcals, Old Image C.C. & B.C., Timeless Classics C.C., Vision In Progress, Empire VIP Family, Runumhard, Bowtie Boyz, Tru Rydaz C.C. Oahu Chapter, Tatau M.C., Spellbound C.C., Team Showcase, SMG, Team Mansu, Maniac C.C., and a whole lot more including solo riders who could more than hold it down on their own

Eye candy for the event included the likes of Kristen Fujinaga, Lingalicious, Tanya Love, Stephly100, & Brittanya 187

Booths in attendance included Xclusive Vapor, 808 Smokes, Fresh 2 Death Detailing, DH Customs, NRS Fab, 187 Clothing, and a whole lot more

Activities for the event included a Car Limbo, Lowrider Hop Off, Motorcycle Stunting, 4x4 car crush, Trike Drift, DB Contest, $500.00 Booty Contest, as well as a Bully Laulea Bully Dog Show just to name a few

Found up top is video of the event. Found below are a few thumbnails from the event as well as a link to it's entire image gallery! Enjoy!