Lowriders Pride Car Club Hawaii's 35th Anniversary BBQ & Picnic | 8.31.14

Better late than never as some would say! I clocked out of work @ 5 p.m. and headed straight to the Pearl Harbor Arizona Rainbow Pavilion where Lowriders Pride Car Club Hawaii held their 35th Anniversary BBQ & Picnic. Although the event started @ noon with yours truly being approxiamately 5-6 hours late, there were still alot of lowrider clubs & individuals kickin it along side hosting club Lowriders Pride Car Club Hawaii celebrating their 35th anniversary till the sun set over the horizon

Clubs in attendance included none other than Lowriders Pride C.C. Hawaii, Good Times C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Imaginations C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Low 4 Life C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Tru Rydaz C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Majestics C.C. Hawaii Chapter, Timeless C.C., Undivided C.C., Royal Image C.C., Old Image C.C. & B.C., and last but not least Supremacy C.C. & M.C.

Happy 35 years to Lowriders Pride Car Club Hawaii and many more to come! Thank you for allowing Oahu's Lowriding community to celebrate along side your club's festivities & 35 years in existence, and keeping the lowriding lifestyle alive & strong here in the 808 state!

Peter Rosario