2015 Eight08.net X Supremacy Meet & Greet Las Vegas | Desert Breeze Park | 3.29.15


The 2015 Eight08.net X Supremacy Meet & Greet Las Vegas held on Sunday, March 29th, 2015 at Desert Breeze Park from noon till sunset brought together car clubs and solo riders from the ninth island for sun fun under the hot Nevada sun!

Supremacy Car Club Las Vegas spear headed the Meet & Greet with a trio of Impalas posted up within the parking lot of Desert Breeze Park, as it's owners pitched up tents, banners, and foldable chairs necessary for a long day at the park. As always, it was an awesome day kicking it with Cliff Batara who heads the Supremacy Car Club Las Vegas Chapter! Great to see you again bro! As for Rodney Alconel & Rylan Tolentino who are the two newest members to the Supremacy Car Club, Las Vegas Chapter, welcome to the family!

The Moku'eiwa Hui Crew rolled in strong bringing to the meet & greet a wide range of customized trucks ranging from those who chose to live the low life & those who chose to live the high life. Shout out to Kekoa Kahele for bringing out all the boys from Moku'eiwa Hui, the 9th Island Crew, Nevada, and kicking it with us the entire day! It was an awesome sight to see the Moku'eiwa Hui Crew rolling in strong to the meet & greet with the Hawaiian Flags waving in the air in all it's glory!

Team Mansu Las Vegas Chapter rolled in strong as well bringing a wide range of lowered customized vehicles to the meet & greet. Shout out to Vince Pascual, who is the Vice President of the Team Mansu Las Vegas Chapter, for bringing out all the boys & kicking it with us the entire day! It was awesome seeing you folks as well the previous night representing at the Stance Wars Las Vegas Event!

Glenn Marcos representing the infamous Squad One Las Vegas crew came out as well bringing out his hard hitting Lexus GS that has been customized from head to toe! Glenn Marcos and myself were once in the same car club back in the 90s known as Kross Kolors Car Club, and I guest to this very present day nothing has changed in regards to our love for customized vehicles. Thank you for coming out bro! It has been over 10 years that we've crossed paths!

Shout out to Francis Chua for bringing out the family, the boys, and that beautiful red Infinity that was airred down & mean mugging under the hot nevada sun. Good to see you bro!

Shout out to Memory Lane Car Club for bringing out their beautiful red Impala, and a shout out to all the solo riders who brought out their custom classics, imports, & motorcycles! Our meet & greet wouldn't have been a success without all you riders coming out and representing, and we appreciate the Aloha Spirit that was felt throughout the entire event! Nine Islands One Ohana! That's how us Hawaii people do it! Found up top is a video created from the meet & greet. Found up top & below are links to the entire image gallery! Enjoy! Until next time!

Peter Rosario