2015 Hot Import Nights Hawaii | Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall | 12.26.15

The 2015 Hot Import Nights Hawaii held on Saturday, December 26th, 2015 at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall from 5 p.m till 11 p.m.


Car clubs & teams in attendance included SMG Hawaii, Team BMW Hawaii, Team Platinum, Team Showcase, Team Hi Def, Psychotic State Racing, Street Attack Racing, and a whole lot more including solo riders who could more than hold it down on their own. Speaking of solo riders, Billy Ogami & Robby Chipley rolled in an old school Toyota Corolla Coupe that was meticulously built from the ground up & took home Hottest Old School for it's first debut at the 2015 Hot Import Nights Hawaii

Eye candy making their way to the sandy shores of Oahu & making an attendance at Hot Import Nights Hawaii included Jeri Lee, Jojo Dela Cruz, Danielle Lo & Vicki Lee who both could be found within the Nexen Tire USA booth, as well as local beauties including Lauren Lala, Cherry Lei, Caitlin Iha, and a whole lot more

Booths in attendance included Racesauce, Red Label Clothing Company, Pro Camera Hawaii, and a whole lot more. Found up above is a link to the entire image gallery from the 2015 Hot Import Nights Hawaii. Enjoy & Happy Holidays!