2015 Old School Imports Hawaii Meet & Greet | Pier 38 | May 2015


The Old School Imports Hawaii Meet & Greet hosted & presented by Tommy Dolormente @tommy_dollo | facebook.com/laurence.dolormente.1 was held this time around on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 @ Pier 38 from 4 p.m. till bedtime

The Old School Imports Hawaii Meet & Greet brought together a wide range of later model imports, euros, & even domestics alike including Nissans, Toyotas, Volkswagens, BMWs, Porsches, Datsuns, Mercedes, & Hondas, as well as newer modified vehicle makes including Lexus, Scion, Infinity, Mitsubishi, and a whole lot more. The VW community rolled in strong as usual with restored & modified Bugs, Dune Buggys, Busses, Squarebacks, & Karman Ghias

Parked along side fellow Volkswagen enthusiasts, Josiah Kekoa brought out his flaked Volkswagen Squareback to the Meet & Greet with a newly built motor WITH air conditioning along with a host of new upgrades & goodies that would satify any automotive enthusiast

What a great way to end the weekend other than with great people & great cars who share the same interest and passion which brought us all together for some fun under the hot hawaiian afternoon sun in Hawaii Nei. Old time friends Troy Gouveia & Shelly Tanaka brought out their Datsun 620 that was extremely lowered that it's floorpan had to be modified in order for it's driveshaft to to gain more horizontal height, along with a custom suspension and raised engine mounts further allowing this Datsun to reach it's slammed stanced

Found above & below are links to the entire image gallery filled with alot of photos taken from this event's Old School Imports Hawaii Meet & Greet. Enjoy, and we'll see you again in three months!