WWW.EIGHT08.NET Hot Lowrider Days Day Cruise | 7.7.19

WWW.EIGHT08.NET held our Hot Lowrider Days Day Cruise on Sunday, July 7th, 2019 bringing together Oahu's Lowriding Community for a cruise throughout the island of Oahu on a beautiful Sunday in Hawaii Nei. Car clubs in attendance included Supremacy Car Club, USO Car Club Hawaii Chapter, Imaginations Car Club, Timeless Car Club, Childhood Dreams Car Club, Dukes Car Club Hawaii Chapter, High Class Car Club, Affiliated Hawaii, and a whole lot more including solo riders who could more than hold it down on their own

The staging area for our WWW.EIGHT08.NET Hot Lowrider Days Day Cruise was located within the Kaka'ako Waterfront Park parking lot due to it's large and ample parking area. 9 a.m. was the time for Oahu's Lowriding Community to starting rolling in, and 10 a.m. was the time to hit the roads to wherever the roads may lead us for the day

We rolled through Ala Moana Beach Park and made a quick stop at Magic Island for photo ops, and it was time to head back on the road. Destination Diamond Head

Our plan to park within the Diamond Head Lookout area didn't pan out being their were too many cars parked there already. Our backup plan was to park within the Fort Ruger Park area, but there were too many cars parked there as well. Luckily, we found a long stretch of road within the area, and we all decided to park along the side of the street to plan things out

We stopped over Maunalua Bay Beach Park for a restroom break and photo ops before heading to Sandy Beach

MUCH MAHALOS to my Lowriding Ohana for hitting up our WWW.EIGHT08.NET Hot Lowrider Days Day Cruise! Very uplifting day! Thank you all for sharing your time of day with yours truly! It is because of all our friendships and all your support that www.eight08.net is stil in existence till this very day. Hana hou!

Peter Rosario