The 2011 6th Annual Pure Aloha Fall Festival & Concerts presented by Vizzun Entertainment, Inc. @ the Silverton Casino Hotel. A three day event bringing together locals from Hawaii as well as non locals for some family oriented fun which included live entertainment from The Green, Nesian Nine, the Angry Locals, carnival rides & games, live Polynesian entertainment, and a whole lot more

Two evenings @ the 6th Annual Pure Aloha Fall Festival & Concerts, and I manage to put up only 21 photos which can be found towards the right of this page. Guest I was too busy kickin it @ the booth & supporting one the the show's sponsors aka Heineken. Had to keep myself warm some way or another with alcohol in my blood due to the colder weather Las Vegas has that we Hawaii folks aren't use to especially when you're not wearing a long sleep under your shirt, jacket, or sweater. Had an opportunity to cross paths once again with an old friend from Team Mansu and his boys with their booth over @ Ninth Life | Las Vegas, and snatch myself a sticker from the 808 ALLDAY Clothing & Lifestyle booth as well

2011 6th Annual Pure Aloha Fall Festival & Concerts | Las Vegas, Nevada