Christine Mendoza

Name: Christine Mendoza
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Ethnicities: Filipina
Height: 5" 4"
Measurements: 36C-25-36
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Turn Ons: Humorous, respectful, caring and affectionate
Turn Offs: Liars, bad hygiene, and rudeness
Goals: To own my own business and become successful with it


eight08: How would you describe yourself?

Christine Mendoza: Honest, giving, and loving

eight08: What do you think is your best physical asset?

Christine Mendoza: My eyes..

eight08: What is your childhood dream?

Christine Mendoza: To be HAPPY.....always!

eight08: Do looks matter to you?

Christine Mendoza: Well, he has to be somewhat good looking enough to kiss! Haha! Personality conquers all though

eight08: What would make you interested in a guy?

Christine Mendoza: I love guys who are funny. I love to laugh

eight08: What would turn you off from a guy?

Christine Mendoza: Guys who stink, who are rude, and disrespectful..

eight08: Describe your ideal date

Christine Mendoza: Ideal date as in first date? It should consist of a dinner and a great conversation

eight08: Tell us about your ideal guy

Christine Mendoza: My ideal guy would be funny, smells good, and has good morals

eight08: When you are not working what do you do to pass the time?

Christine Mendoza: I like to go online, watch tv, and shop

eight08: Any hobbies or interests?

Christine Mendoza: Dancing, reading, drawing, and arts

eight08: What is your philosophy in life?

Christine Mendoza: What goes around comes around

eight08: What is your favorite food?

Christine Mendoza: Sushi, mexican food, and filipino food!

eight08: What is your goal in life?

Christine Mendoza: To be successful, and happy

eight08: Favorite Quote?

Christine Mendoza: "What goes around comes around"