Ela Pasion | TAKE II

Name: Ela Pasion
Knickname: Sippy Sippy
Location: Los Angeles, California
Ethnicities: Filipino
Measurements: 33D-23-34
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Instagram: @misselapasion
Twitter: @misselapasion
Facebook: www.facebook.com/elapasion

Question & Answer:

eight08: How would you describe yourself?

Ela Pasion: I'm a little shy, but once you get to know me, I'm a firecracker

eight08: What do you think is your best physical asset?

Ela Pasion: I personally like my butt. Haha

eight08: What is your childhood dream?

Ela Pasion: Well when I was little I wanted to be a doctor. That's definitely not gonna happen anymore, but I am in school right now. I'm working on getting a career in the health field

eight08: Do looks matter to you?

Ela Pasion: It would be pretty hypocritical for a model to say that looks don't matter to them. That being said, I do believe that if you are ugly on the inside, then you are ugly on the outside. I've met many people in my life; those who are positive and kind, always seem the most radiant and attractive in my eyes

eight08: What would make you interested in a guy?

Ela Pasion: Hard work ethic, and an even stronger moral one

eight08: What would turn you off from a guy?

Ela Pasion: Cockiness. Uggh. Absolutely hate guys that brag. If your work is worth noticing, then you wouldn't even have to talk about it

eight08: Describe your ideal date

Ela Pasion: Going to a rave together is at the top of my list

eight08: Tell us about your ideal guy

Ela Pasion: I likes guys that have nice eyes. I'm a sucker for them

eight08: When you are not working what do you do to pass the time?

Ela Pasion: Working out, Netflix, cooking, and looking for new recipes to cook on pinterest

eight08: Any hobbies or interests?

Ela Pasion: I have gotten into doing cosplay, and I'm really excited about that venture

eight08: What is your philosophy in life?

Ela Pasion: Live life to the fullest

eight08: What is your favorite food?

Ela Pasion: Right now its a tie between filipino food and cake

eight08: What is your goal in life?

Ela Pasion: To be happy. I know it's vague, but that's really all that matters to me. I don't care if I'm rich or famous, as long as my family and I are healthy, thriving, and happy, then I will consider myself successful and the luckiest girl in the world

eight08: Favorite Quote?

Ela Pasion: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"