Palani Alexander

1999 Yamaha R1
Paint Job:

Hot Pink Pearl with Gucci Vinyl graphics found throughout the exterior of the bike

17" Custom Painted Gunmetal

Akrapovic headers. Yoshimura muffler

Custom Gucci seat covered in authentic Gucci material. Rear end incorporates a custom molded tail with an LCD monitor, while the front end incorporates a custom molded windscreen with an LCD monitor as well along with a Spy Camera. Carbon fiber accessories found throughout the bike include tank sides, front fender, and levers. Custom polishing for the "bling bling" factor involved polishing the frame, rear sets, passenger pegs, rear set guard, swing arm, clutch cover, engine cover, wheel lips, and bar ends. Custom filters, an upgraded jet system, and racing plugs and wires adds to the "go" factor
Shout Outs:

To my one and only Niki, my brother Desmond, my family, Team Renditions, and Maui Harley & Kawasaki