Gavin Tabada

1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Paint Job:

A custom hue of green mixed by Reggie Lopez, and painted by Alan Acieato. Body work done by "the Master Bubu." Pinstriping by Luis Art

4 Bolt Main 350CI. Mild cam. Gear drive. Headman headers. Chrome plated brake booster. Sterling gearbox, power steering, and steering shaft. Molded firewall. Steel braided lines occupy the entire engine bay. 350 trans. B&M w/shift kit

All new mouldings found throughout the exterior. Chrome plating done by Victor @ Victor Plating & Polishing in Ponoma, CA. A special feature for the vehicle involves a hidden survelliance camera mounted within the rear license plate

Interior reupholstered in two tones of white vinyl and medium gray seude incorporating diamond stitch patterns and medium gray piping done by Alan Acierto of Ace Hydraulics

13x7 Zenith 96 spoke gold rims (Quads)

Extended molded upper control arms with Bolota symbol, sound suspension, and more done by Bear Garcia. Hydraulic system consists of a two pump whammy from AMC Hydraulics (Miguel). All suspension components chrome plated except for rear end

Custom dual in/dual out exhaust system

A JVC headunit can be found up front. A 4 channel Autotek amplifier powers up the 6 1/2 DEI seperates found and front in a molded panel along with the 4 x 6 DEI seperates mounted in the rear in a custom black panel. A 2 channel Autotek amplifier provides the power to the low end and a pair of JL Audio W1 10" subwoofers mounted within a custom molded subwoofer enclosure. Installation done by Ace Hydraulics

Elite Car Club
Much Mahalos:

Alan Acierto and the crew of Ace Hydraulics; Merto, Jay R, Jeffro, Ryan, Stewart, and Frank. Special mahalos to the Elite Family, both chapters in Southern California and Hawaii. The DeAbla Family, Miguel Martinez, Ed Rodriguez, and Bear Garcia. God bless my family, my son Payton, Eagle, and Aunty Nita for the long nights with loud noise at her house