Jillian Marissa

Name: Jillian Marissa
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Measurements: 32-26-33
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: Shopping and dancing

eight08: How would you describe yourself?

Jillian: I'm an optimistic type of person. I'm your typical girl that doesn't like to do anything that requires a little bit of sweat or getting dirty. I'm easy to get along with. I like building friendships with people I'm always around

eight08: What was your childhood dream?

Jillian: Haha... Honestly, I wanted to be a model!

eight08: Do looks matter to you?

Jillian: It didn't until I met my boyfriend that I'm with now!

eight08: Describe your ideal date

Jillian: Something my boyfriend would know to set up that'll make me melt. He'd have to figure it out. You have to know me to know what kind of date I'd like to go on

eight08: What would make you interested in a guy?

Jillian: I like confidence, but not too much. Independence has to stand out

eight08: Tell us about your ideal guy

Jillian: I was always into hispanic guys. I didn't really like em too much taller than I am, just about 4 to 5 inches taller. I like guys that know it all. They definitely got to know how to keep me entertained, I have to be able to have fun with them. They have to be able to dress and groom themselves without getting any bad feedback from me. I absolutely love it when they only want the best for me. Haha, you know what? I just described my boyfriend!

eight08: What is your favorite food?

Jillian: Mexican and Hawaiian food. Ooooh, but nothing beats my moms cooking!

eight08: What is your goal in life?

Jillian: To be very successful in whatever I do and to be happy doing it

eight08: When you are not working what do you do to pass your time?

Jillian: Nothing special. I do different things everyday

eight08: Any hobbies or interests?

Jillian: Dancing and shopping. I enjoy doing photoshoots. I'm not conceited but I like being in front of the camera

eight08: What is your philosophy in life?

Jillian: Everything happens for a reason

eight08: Any special shoutouts?

Jillian: My son Josiah. He's always by my side trying to make me smile. My boyfriend Mata for pushing me to accomplish everything I say I'm going to do and always being there for me. My family for their support in whatever I do. Our IH mama for all the opportunities she's given me, and all my Island Hunnies!!!