SRS to Sponsor:
Hot Import Nights

Namco Hometek Inc. today announced that its upcoming racing game, Street Racing Syndicate (SRS), will be “the exclusive video game sponsor of Hot Import Nights and Hot Import Daze, the multi-city expo showcasing the top rides, models, trends and gear that dominate the import racing community.”

SRS, which is currently in development for all three consoles, will attempt to capture the spirit of the street racing scene. Players will have access to many “officially licensed vehicles, hundreds of aftermarket parts, and authentic import racing game play.” Furthermore, drivers will be able to “race head-to-head online, risk pink slips and win rivals’ cars.”

SRS is expected to hit retail this fall for an estimated price of $49.99.

Need for Speed Underground 2 . EA Games

Welcome to the ultimate driving playground, Need for Speed Underground 2! Race or roam on more than 125 miles of open road. Encounter underground races, hidden shops, and unexpected challengers. New detailed performance tuning and authentic visual customization - create endless expressions of style. Eight exciting game modes including the all-new Downhill Drift, Street-X, the Showcase, and a whole lot more!

Race for cash and respect, or lay it all on the line in revolutionary online pink slip races. Tune it up and turn it loose. Upgrade over 40 officially licensed cars with hundreds of actual aftermarket parts, stickers, vinyls, and custom paints. The SRS girls and other glory. Win money, cars, and the affections of the import racing scene's hottest models. Underground and sanctioned races. Street and track. Day and night. Through LA, Philly, and Miami landscapes. Test and tweak customizations. Throw it on the dyno and watch the engine scream real peak torque and horsepower at you. Obey the rules or deal with the police. Patrolling cops, road blocks and steep fines can slam the brakes on the action

The breakdown ie game review:
What do you get when you combine Tokyo Extreme Racer, and MTV's Pimp My Ride? You get Need for Speed Underground 2, a free roaming racing game with vast cities to explore and encounter unexpected street racing challenges, sanctioned events, as well as underground races. The outrageous colors and schemes one is able to modify their rides with is extremely unbelievable ranging from your basic ecu upgrade, intake, and exhaust system all the way to gullwing doors, split hoods, and hydraulics. Being sponsored by a reputable company made the game play worth while as well, making you feel you had a purpose in winning every race, and stretching your lead against your competitors till they get annialted.

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