Mz. Shanel




Lahaina, Maui

5' 0




eight08: How would you describe yourself?

Shanel: I'm very outgoing and friendly. I'm also motivated and strive for what I want

eight08: What was your childhood dream?

Shanel: First, I wanted to be a teacher but then I realized that I liked building things so I decided I wanted to be an engineer but a model at the same time. All I can say is I'm partially there. I have taken engineering classes and gained modeling experience. ;)

eight08: Do looks matter to you?

Shanel: In a girl or a guy? Lol, in guys not so much. As long as they have a good heart and spiked hair. Hehe

eight08: Describe your ideal date

Shanel: I guess every girls dream. Something really romantic and sweet!

eight08: What would make you interested in a guy?

Shanel: That he accepts me for me and not for what I look like or have (material things). And someone not into himself would get my attention

eight08: Tell us about your ideal guy

Shanel: My *Ideal guy* would be filipino, older than me, having similiar interests as me, and just be nice in general

eight08: What is your favorite food?

Shanel: My true favorite food is Kalua pig and rice

eight08: What is your goal in life?

Shanel: My goal is just to make my family proud of me and to succed in everything I do. I come from a small town (Hilo) so I want to prove that I can make something of myself, rather than hearing "she'll never succed." I'll prove everyone wrong =) I'm almost graduating college!

eight08: When you are not working what do you do to pass your time?

Shanel: I like to read, do my homework, watch TV, Play Ultimate Bet =) , and Myspace!!

eight08: Any hobbies or interests?

Shanel: I like to swim, shop, talk, go riding on streetbikes and do stunts, model, and sleep =)

eight08: What is your philosophy in life?

Shanel: Never judge a book by its cover

eight08: Any special shoutouts?

Shanel: To mommy and daddy, thank you for supporting me in modeling and in life. To my boyfriend Chester, thank you for putting up with everything that comes along with my modeling. Thanks to everyone who supports me, friends, fam, photogs, and fellow models. And last but not least!!!!! Thank you Peter, for taking the time to do a shoot and feature me! Big Island cookies for you! =)