SRS to Sponsor:
Hot Import Nights

Namco Hometek Inc. today announced that its upcoming racing game, Street Racing Syndicate (SRS), will be “the exclusive video game sponsor of Hot Import Nights and Hot Import Daze, the multi-city expo showcasing the top rides, models, trends and gear that dominate the import racing community.”

SRS, which is currently in development for all three consoles, will attempt to capture the spirit of the street racing scene. Players will have access to many “officially licensed vehicles, hundreds of aftermarket parts, and authentic import racing game play.” Furthermore, drivers will be able to “race head-to-head online, risk pink slips and win rivals’ cars.”

SRS is expected to hit retail this fall for an estimated price of $49.99.


Every night, in cities like LA, Philly, and Miami, crews of import tuners push their nitrous-injected obessions to the limit. Whether in underground or sanctioned races, on the track or through the wide open city streets, high speeds bring high risks. And serious rush. In the Street Racing Syndicate, choose your challenges carefully. Because glory's nice. Money and models are better. But driving away with your opponent's rides is just plain sick

Race for cash and respect, or lay it all on the line in revolutionary online pink slip races. Tune it up and turn it loose. Upgrade over 40 officially licensed cars with hundreds of actual aftermarket parts, stickers, vinyls, and custom paints. The SRS girls and other glory. Win money, cars, and the affections of the import racing scene's hottest models. Underground and sanctioned races. Street and track. Day and night. Through LA, Philly, and Miami landscapes. Test and tweak customizations. Throw it on the dyno and watch the engine scream real peak torque and horsepower at you. Obey the rules or deal with the police. Patrolling cops, road blocks and steep fines can slam the brakes on the action

The breakdown ie game review:
If you liked NFS Underground and Tokyo Extreme Racer, then you'll definitely love SRS Street Racing Syndicate because it combines the best of both worlds. The car list weren't much to choose from, but still gave you a nice assortment of cars to choose from with yours truly starting the game off with a Subaru Impreza. As with every automotive enthusiast, modifications to one's ride plays a key role and SRS Street Racing Syndicate offers that and much more. Can you say upgraded turbo, suspension, weight reduction, msd ignition, and a whole shit load more from name brand companys?!?! Need to know how much additional horsepower that the parts you've added to your ride has actually contributed? Well, you can strap your ride onto a dyno which the game provides. Too bad Honda's weren't added to the car list, or at least a Nissan 240sx. Controls were mediocre and sloppy at times, and I'm sure alot of players out there would have appreciated a more precise feel. The Subaru I had purchased from the start seemed to fish tale a lot throughout the game. As for the racing itself, one could check out crew meets where various sanctioned events were held which gave you the opportunity to win big money, street racing where you could place wagers on the race itself and even your pink slips, respect challenges, and model challenges all in the name of the hunnies. Be wary when roaming the streets though being the police were on the watch. For some reason or another, I got a kick out of outrunning the police while driving down the opposite side of the road. Speaking of the model challenges, it's a nice concept that other games haven't incorporated yet but would have been even nicer if they had actually used their real voices. Coolness points for being able to pick up chicks. Double coolness points for the videos available after you hook up with one of the chicks. Damage feature was okay, but somewhat unrealistic being your opponents cars didn't take any damage. Did I mention that the repair bill for your ride wasn't free? Enter a few street races and sanctioned events, and I'll guarantee your ride will be banged up enough for you to warrant a repair in the garage. Graphics were good and up to par in regards to the car models and different racing environments, with the AI drivers being crazy ass drivers at times. Aggresive AI which meant you'd have to be aggresive as well. That basically meant seeing a car up front slowing down into a turn, going full blast into the turn smack dab into the car and using them as a cushion. Better them flying into a wall than yourself right? All in all a pretty good game which will keep you occupied, and have your pinky finger stuck to the throttle button the entire time


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