Supremacy Car Club

Supremacy Car Club has been around since 1993. It started as a bike club for my younger brother, my son, and the kids around the block within the Kalihi Valley area. 4 months later, it turned into a car club with friends and individuals alike joining the ranks of Supremacy Hawaii. Supremacy Hawaii has been involved in community clean-ups specifically within the Kalihi area including yearly food drive events and show & shines. In my view, Supremacy Hawaii is one of the few Kalihi based car clubs that has withstood the test of time, and we are in it for the long run. Supremacy Hawaii is all about family and close friends, and this is the main reason why I see the club is strong as a whole. From lowriders, to SUV's, to imports, we covered them all and we've had them in our club at some point or another. I see bigger and better things for the club, with more participation in regards to community related events

I would like to say thanks to our club members for keeping it real, and to our families that supported us from day one. Thanks to the other clubs for keeping the game going. Thanks to God Almighty for letting us play in his world. Peace!

Charlie Molina
Supremacy Car Club - Est. August 1993