Team Slideways Hawaii

Team Slideways was formed on early January of 2008 by 2 founding members with a mission to be one of the top tier drivers and builders. Their second goal was to become top tier in Drift Comps utilizing Entry Level RTR / ATR kits like the Tamiya TT01 and HPI E10. The final goal was to become a team worthy enough to compete with Top Drivers in the National U.S. or International Drivers

Through the years since conception Team Slideways Hawaii have grown to a substantial number of members with proven records on both Drift Comps and Body Comps. Their team was pretty known in the RC Drift Communities due to some of the most outstanding video productions ever made and the relationships that they had bridged. Unfortunately Team Slideways Hawaii lost a lot of their members and along with it their amazing resources and talents

Currently Team Slideways consist of a small number of members in their camp and their mission shifted along with it. There are fewer members now but are a force to be reckoned with. With new bridges built and resources attained, Team Slideways Hawaii are on a journey to a good new beginning and promising endeavors. Team Slideways Hawaii continue to strive for excellence and a will to become one of many Top Tier Drivers and Builders. Team Slideways Hawaii will forever be moving forward into the paths of greatness, unity, and awareness

Team Slideways Hawaii invites anyone to come ride with them on their journey or join them in their mission. Team Slideways Hawaii is open to anyone without prejudice and they welcome all levels of skills; from novice to pro

Team Slideways Hawaii is a team but most of all they are a brotherhood… Keep it Slideways !